“We cannot control the winds but
we can direct our sails.
And we did”


When you think about Holland, you think about windmills. Which is quite obvious since most of the Dutch landscape was created using windmills. Our soil nor our wealth would not have been as prosperous had we not once had over 10.000 of those beautiful mills working our land. Unfortunately currently only 1200 windmills remain.
We cherish the craft of the Dutch miller and so we’ve created a fragrance of a beautiful mix of scents from spices which used to be grounded by our windmills.
For the gutsy men who stand their ground. For men who respectfully battle the force of Mother Nature yet adore her harvests; her winds, her rains, her crops and her spices. As scents and memories are bonded in this bottle, MILLS is our way to time travel you back to our Dutch Golden Age.

Dare to go Dutch and MILLS will appeal your senses.

Mills (50ML)

€ 69,99


Sample (2ML)

€ 7,99



The main ingredients are clove, cinnamon and pepper. And even we did not think these would bond together so well. You will also experience notes of bergamot, vetiver, saffron, tobacco and leather, which results in this dashing and spicy fragrance.

Clove - originated from Madagascar

Cinnamon - originated from Indonesia

Pepper - originated from Vietnam

Whilst anyone with common sense would choose a place to live above sea level, we the Dutch found comfort in doing the opposite. We built dykes to stop the water from coming in and we built windmills to get the water out, eventually creating Holland. Once the water was out we found different ways of using our windmills. Our mills started sawing wood, making paper and grinding the spices which we had brought back from long travels to the other side of the world by courtesy of the winds. Our ships sailed the seven seas. It gave us our Golden Age and made our country prosperous. For almost a century we ruled the oceans and gave the world our paintings and ideas. The Dutch men that made our country, through water and wind, were shaped by these forces, as was their character. These Golden Age Men were rugged yet distinguished as they paved the way for future generations.

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Van de Zotte is founded by Ferry & Joeri, two Dutch guys from Alkmaar.
Our city is known to be the cheese capitol of Holland. We would be living in the sea if it were not for the windmills that kept Alkmaar dry.
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